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Four Seasons Sport & Marine

The Challenge
The #1 volume ATV dealership in South Dakota, Four Seasons Sport & Marine of Rapid City, came to Browne+Browne Marketing with a need to better target new customers in local media and direct marketing dollars. They also wanted to increase business from current base of customers and convert prospects to customers, while building brand promise/selling proposition of their 38 years of superior service and credibility.

The Strategy/Solution
• Browne+Browne presented our local retail media planning/buying expertise as a comparison to what the dealership could perform on their own and add value as its third party negotiator of media buys with Rapid City media outlets. Having bought local grass-roots media across the country for motorsports dealers and retailers in general, in all types and sizes of markets, Browne+Browne was well positioned to leverage that knowledge and plan/execute targeted “Prospect Media” by moving the dealership more into digital, web and direct media, but yet with a strong TV presence (promoting various “Sales Events”),
radio’s frequency, newspaper’s retail call-to-action and outdoor’s visual impact/impressions.
• Implemented both current customers and prospect databases (profiling by age, zip code, category product usage, farmers and ranchers by county, etc. for direct mailings.
• Executing our Integrated Activation Solutions know-how, we ran dealership promotional media successfully in conjunction with “Current Customer Events/Activities” such as sales event emails, jumbo postcard direct mail, Sports Show exhibits, Customer Appreciation Days, on-line media, publicity, flyers and a new dealership brand identity for all communications and exterior building signage (see new logo identity design).
• Maximized manufacturer’s Co-op budgets with pro-active annual marketing planning that allowed dealer to “own local” motorsports market
• Focused advertising in target-rich neighborhoods and built frequency/continuity of message to premium prospects

• Four Seasons outpaced Rapid City and South Dakota ATV dealers in sales in Browne+Browne’s first year of working with them.

“The Browne+Browne plan really worked. Our April sales were best in five years.”

“With the industry registering negative sales growth each month, we were up on the positive side each quarter (annual B+B plan).”
                                               Owner/ Dealer Principal, Four Seasons Sport & Marine