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Polaris Industries, Indian & Victory Motorcycles

Q4 2014
For Oct/Nov/Dec, both Indian & Victory Motorcycle Brands’ Sales Soared up 50% to $103 Million, Supported by Locally Targeted Retail Advertising to Drive Dealership Traffic & Sales

How Did We Do It?
• Strategically placed media mix that best “surrounded the consumer” by dealer, using local cable TV, radio, outdoor billboards, newspaper, web ads and enthusiast magazine in dealers’ trade areas
• Place buys at most opportunistic local geographic level, in neighborhoods/zips code with highest potential of motorcycle buyers
• Bought media that best targets motorcycle prospects/owners by market, with local dealer customized call-to-action tags
• “Opportunity Market” Media buys in 19 states via DMAs with under performing zip codes or markets, strong competitive influences, seasonal geographic opportunities, strong user markets, product launches

For 12 Months in 2014, Browne+Browne Local Media Strategies and Buys Helped Grow Indian and Victory Motorcycle Sales to $349 million!

How Did We Make That Happen?
• Working on three levels of media placement/projects: with individual dealers, Dealer Groups and corporate initiatives
• Demo Truck Appearance Media for 97 Victory Motorcycle Dealers in 48 states and 23 Indian Motorcycle Dealers in 19 states
• A National Radio Blitz at local dealer level, executing for 132 dealers in 50 states and Canada with a buy all same week
• Consumer Motorcycle Shows to drive attendance; Daytona Beach, FL Bike Week, Sturgis, SD Annual Rally, Phoenix Bike Week, etc.
• Monthly Dealer Co-op Advertising buys, supporting 40 individual dealer’s retail sales objectives by quarter via Dealer Co-op Program participation
• Negotiated Added Value bonus advertising activity: bonus spots, no charge spot and tag production, web banner ads, premium placements, etc. in 12-15% range


“Thank you again for all of your work on this program. Everyone is extremely pleased including the DRMs and dealers. I’ve been getting feedback for the past few days from DRMs that their dealers are thrilled!”
                     Senior Communications Specialist, Indian Motorcycle, Polaris Industries