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Polaris Industries
Off-Road Vehicle Division

The Challenge
As the category leader in ATVs, Polaris needed to gain conquest retail sales from a key competitor in three states where the competition has a strong market share. Polaris’ goals were also to grow Polaris ATV visibility and drive dealership traffic in 71 dealers through local media advertising in support of their national advertising efforts.

The Strategy/Solution
Browne+Browne Marketing was hired to better target media dollars in these states, and implement a “surround the consumer” advertising strategy of effective and efficient locally targeted traditional and new interactive media. In discussions with our client and being aware of specific needs and concerns, we collaborated to determine a media plan that delivered awareness, impact, frequency, retail call-to-action, innovative scale and measurable ROMI. With multiple years of agency expertise in local Dealer Group (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Polaris) and individual Dealer Co-op advertising, this category knowledge, understanding dealership-level retail dynamics, and prospect media usage provided a perspective for a successful multiple-media purchase plan with back-end measurement to quantify program’s effectiveness.

• Polaris sales increased 70-80% in most markets and in others 100% over same period previous year in a short term localized retail advertising program (goal was 10-12%)
• Generated 24,000,000 impressions using an integrated media mix
• Through negotiations, 22.2% of buy came back to client in no cost added value extras
• In three subsequent targeted media campaigns, Polaris ATV retail sales in those states increased on average 45.3% year-over-year growth during the advertising period, all above forecast.
• 5.3% market share increase during one of the short-term campaigns


“Our sales data confirmed that the original increases at 50-60% were conservative.
In some markets, we doubled retail sales over last year (same period). Some markets
were up 70-80% and in some even over 100% increases.”

“The results from the media plan you put together were awesome. It was great working with you. Really appreciated it.”

“The Browne+Browne campaign has performed very well. There were impressive sales lifts in states where the brand was struggling, and we received strong feedback from dealers and sales managers, and the program selection and rating were very impressive.”

                                                                             Polaris Marketing Manager



Locally targeted advertising that increased sales
70-80% during the media campaign, and was as
high as 100% in some markets.